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Will filing a noise complaint change how the airport operates?

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has the sole authority in determining where aircraft will fly and how the airport will operate. These decisions are made solely on standard air traffic control procedures. Noise complaints are not considered when making these decisions. However, considerable time and effort are spent on a quarterly basis in handling and analyzing complaints.

Who tells the pilots where and when to turn?

Commercial pilots fly prescribed routes and general aviation pilots also fly prescribed routes as well as visual flight procedures (VFR) to and from Dallas Love Field as instructed by air traffic controllers. The FAA is responsible for managing our airspace and for ensuring the safe and expeditious flow of traffic. The City of Dallas is responsible for operating and maintaining airport facilities and for ensuring that runways (and taxiways and other facilities) are in good working conditions, meet FAA regulations and are available for use.

Can a loud aircraft be fined?

No, the City does not have the legal authority to levy a fine or otherwise penalize an aircraft operator for the amount of noise an aircraft makes.

Why are planes flying over this area, we're not under a flight path?

The FAA (Air Traffic Control (ATC)), not Dallas Love Field, has sole authority and responsibility for routing and separating aircraft throughout the national airspace system. ATC's first priority is always the safe and efficient separation and routing of aircraft throughout the national airspace system.

What are the guidelines for filing a noise complaint?

Only one complaint will be accepted; multiple complaints and ranges of times will not be accepted. Each complaint should include name, address, email address, phone number, date and time of disturbance, and a detailed description of the disturbance. One word statements will be recorded but not responded to. Obscene language and threats will result in the complaint not being accepted, plus possible legal action. 

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