Love Field Environmental Advisory Committee

Love Field Environmental Advisory Committee (LFEAC)

An integral part of the overall approach to noise control at Dallas Love Field is communication between the various parties involved in developing, monitoring and improving the program. The LFEAC was established to provide a forum for discussion among airport neighbors, airport operators, and Federal and City aviation representatives. The forum was developed to discus issues related to aircraft noise  at Love Field Airport. Members of the committee meet quarterly to review airport operations, propose changes in operations, effectiveness of the noise program, incidents of non-compliance, potential adjustments and improvements to the Noise Control program. 

The contributions of the LFEAC members and the continuing communication are two of the most important elements that have made the noise program successful.

July 16, 2020 LFEAC Presentaton

May 7, 2020 LFEAC Presentation

January 16, 2020 LFEAC Presentation

October 24, 2019 LFEAC Presentation

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January 17, 2019 LFEAC Presentation