DAL Noise Contours Archive

Dallas Love Field Day-Night Average Sound Level Contours

The Day-Night Average Contours present analysis of the listed year's noise conditions at Love field (DAL). Harris Miller
Miller & Hanson Inc. (HMMH) prepares these reports under contract to the City of Dallas. The development of Day-Night Average Sound Level (DNL, or Ldn) contours use the current version of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Aviation Environmental Design Tool (AEDT) and a data pre-processor called RC. RC for AEDT converts every useable radar track into inputs for the noise model, ensuring that the modeling reflects runway closures, deviations from flight patterns, changes in flight schedules and deviations from average runway use. This process results in the modeling of flight tracks to develop the DNL contours.

2018 Annual DNL Contour Report

2017 Annual DNL Contour Report

2016 Annual DNL Contour Report

2015 Annual DNL Contour Report

2014 Annual DNL Contour Report

2013 Annual DNL Contour Report